Try Vegan Today

What is #TryVeganToday?

Do you love animals? Do you ever feel strange knowing that you eat them? We've ALL been there! For the next 14 days we'll help you try simple changes that won't hurt animals It'll be fun! Explore new choices & feel good about it!

For the Animals

Farmed animals experience the same emotions as dogs & cats. They want to live & be loved too. Make the connection & see them as the living beings who they are, & not as products/meat

Discover amazing food

We have so many different choices! We'll help you on your way to find the most tasty & healthy dishes And if you like junk-food, we've got you covered!

Meet Tara & other friends online! Share experiences, information, recipes, restaurants, & more!

Why did you go Vegan?


Vegan for the animals

And at the same time, Help your health and the environment

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I hereby take the TryVeganToday pledge and start my 14 day vegan adventure. 

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