Mini Tweetstorm Badger cull

Welcome! Thanks for participating in this "Badger Cull" Tweetstorm. The purpose of a Tweetstorm is to put a lot of focus on a specific topic in a short time. We have collected a number of Tweets that all use the same Hashtags. Many tweets with the same hashtag result in a trending topic on twitter. For the badger cull we have #BadgerCull . How does it work? Just start clicking the "TWEET" buttons. Images and Vid links are included. 


Saturday 12pm San francisco Saturday 21.00 Paris Saturday 20.00 london Saturday 3pm New York Sunday 01.30 Mumbai Sunday 07.00 Sydney

Tips and Tricks!!

-Feel free to add Emojis to the tweets when there are Chars left.

-After tweeting one. You can choose to add the Tweetsheet url as first comment

-Leave about 3 minutes in between tweets. Too fast = Recognized as SPAM



It's time we protect the Badgers! Create some noise 🔊 Make a storm ⚡


Badgers are part of our wildlife, it's unthinkable that they are being destroyed by the meat / dairy industry when it's ineffective. There are ten of thousands brutally murdered. Meat industry drives the extinction of species.


When you hear something about the badger cull on TV. Do realize that they are talking about a huge mass murder? 63,000 Badgers were supposed to be killed in the last cull. They deserve a peaceful life as well. 


Vet says badger culls caused 'immense pain' This is driven by meat consumption. It's not sufficient to kill cows but also badgers for your food. Leave meat off your plate and save them.


TB infection from cow to cow more likely than transmission by badger Study is a first to show direct evidence of the disease passing between the two species. We are used to the lies of the dairy industry. But this is such a disgusting one. 


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