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Welcome! Thanks for participating in this "Isolation" Tweetstorm. The purpose of a Tweetstorm is to put a lot of focus on a specific topic in a short time. We have collected a number of Tweets that all use the same Hashtags. Many tweets with the same hashtag result in a trending topic on twitter. For the isolation we have #ISOLATION . How does it work? Just start clicking the "TWEET" buttons. Images and Vid links are included. 


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Are you having a hard time staying indoors? What is most difficult? Your comfortable bed? Your soft sofa, or having your loving family around? Remember, it could be worse, The animals used for meat cant move, dont have family, and dont get to see any sunlight. Please think about them.


It's hard to cope with confinement during isolation and social distancing, imprisoned, unable to be free to go where you want, this is what these animals lives are, they will only see the sun when on the way to the slaughterhouse. #Vegan #TryVeganToday


Imagine your baby taken away from you whilst being in isolation on your own imprisoned in one place only This is what these calves through after 24hrs of being born.Animals feel the same desperation when in confinement than us!  


Feeling vulnerable & scared? Like you are being ‘freed’ to face an early death purely for money & greed?  #covid19  Your conscience is screaming for you to #govegan   You have the chance to stay safe, they don't.


Do you feel bored at home already? Imagine what is like a life of imprisonment and aggressive abuse 80% +of these animals live this! They also go insane because they are sentient Put yourself in their place! Choose plant based


Calves, social, child like, will run & play. This right is taken away from them, confinement. Stolen from their Mothers, kept in hutches. Females, sexually violated, as their Mothers. Males, slaughtered for veal #Isolation #COVID19 #TryVeganToday


Some people are already feeling the negative mental effects of self isolation and social distancing, yet we imprison these sentient beings to be our entertainment. No animal deserves imprisonment!!!  #vegan #farm365 #COVID19


How is isolation working out for you? Question.. You you think you are better or worse off than the isolated #seaworld victim below?  #COVID #TryVeganToday


Will we understand their position after we have been forced to stay indoors? Probably not.. We have internet, movies, family and friends that we can connect with. Zoos are prisons. Animals should not be in there. #COVID19 #TryVeganToday 


Eating animals produce diseases, there is no difference between eating chicken or bats. All animals are the same. Change your perception. Make the connection


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