Your 14 day path to Veganism 

Day 1 - Intro
Hi, This is great. You are starting day 1. We will try to share as much information as possible. Good luck!! 


Vid recommendations Day 1
These vids may get you even more motivated. Especially the Game Changers is a great recommendation for Day 1.
It is important to understand that  Veganism is focused on the animals. It is not just a diet. But a lifestyle to avoid exploitation and cruelty to animals. Check the short vid below.
What is Veganism?
Setting up your vegan Toolkit
App Suggestions
These apps are very useful for finding restaurants and to learn about nutrition.
Basic info about Nutrition / Costs
Lets cover some basic questions you may have in terms of not eating meat, Dairy and Eggs anymore.
What To Eat?
There are so many delicious options available! It is a new adventure to explore all those new dishes. We do have some suggestions for you :)
You can take the 14 day TryVeganToday pledge on the homepage if you didn't do that already.