Your 14 day path to Veganism 

Day 3 - Animal Hell
Thank you for making it to day 3. You now know the basics. This day is a "Dark day". You can choose to skip the documentaries. However we assure you, knowing the truth is the biggest motivator


You deserve to know the truth about what is really happening to the animals. Dominion is one of the worst, heartbreaking documentaries. However, VERY important to take us out of our daily habits and trigger us to change something. Only by getting upset, or angry at the injustice that is happening now, there will be action. Otherwise we will keep living our lives in ignorance. Watching this is the least you can do for the animals. It requires some will power, but after that you have at least the full context.
Vid recommendations Day 3
These are a bit less confronting than Dominion. You may want to give these a try as well. Cowspiracy can be found on Netflix.
Why are Vegans always speaking up? 
If we do not do it, who will speak up for the billions of victims? 
Why do we speak up?
Where does what come from?
Lots of animal parts end up in products. What to watch out for?
What To Eat?
Vegan burgers. No cruelty and very delicious!