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Feb 15

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This is a "spent" cow. After 4 years of a cycle of pregnancies and her babies taken away from her, her body is lame so she is going to be slaughter, they could live up to 25 years. Dairy is abuse!!! 


You Won't Believe How The #Dairy Industry Treats Calves


This is how farmers remove the cow's baby from the mother 24 hrs after birth. This baby will never see her/his mum again!!! #Dairy is a based on violating family bonds. Switch to plant based there is no excuse now 


There is nothing compassionate about #dairy in the Uk. They are normally punched and beaten with no mercy, imagine having a life of torture, seeing your babies being abused. See the reality of where dairy and meat come from.  


I get "my" #cheese #milk #meat from a local farm.. They love their animals.. Vid below: small / local farm... #GoVegan is the only way to stop this.. 


It is 2020. Our entire lives we have been lied to about health, animal care and justice. Find out what happens to the animals and Hit the reset button today. There is no way that we want to be part of this injustice.


Animals only want to be happy like us, and they should be.They are innocent and vulnerable to harm, and they see no difference between them.


#HateToDisappointYouBut eggs & #dairy are as cruel as meat! I dodged the #truth pretending #dairy & #eggs are benign when nothing else involving farm #animals is You only regret the days you decided not to be #vegan & so do they  


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