Take Action!

In addition to going vegan there are many ways to help the animals. See our favorite causes below.
1. Donate to Mercy for Animals! MFA engages in undercover investigations at farms, legal advocacy and create many of the materials that we use in our every day activism. 
2. Join your local Chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless. They organize Cubes of Truth in many cities around the globe. 
3. Visit or Sponsor Farm Animal sanctuaries. One of our favorites is, The Gentle Barn. 
5. Start your own Twitter Profile or use your current social media to speak up for the animals. The reason why vegans speak up is because we cannot stay neutral. We are the voice of the voiceless and have a moral obligation to share the horrible reality that we have discovered. (Not to act = to act)
Thank you!
Important Note: We support many causes. However we have one KEY requirement, which is that the cause or charity organization should be a vegan organization and do everything from a vegan point of view. Which means vegan leadership, vegan employees (Charity, Sanctuaries, Rescue centers, etc) . We do NOT support non vegan single issue campaigns.

We Love Sanctuaries