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TWEETSTORM! Please join us to promote a cruelty free xmas. Help us raise awareness that these festive days are about compassion and love. Click the below link & tweet all the prepared posts! Merry Xmas!


Imagine that all animals would be safe like these babies at Santuario Igualdad. All these innocent souls were separated from their mothers and were given a second chance. They, unlike many others this #Christmas will never suffer again.


Please consider making a #Christmas donation to a sanctuary near you (example @thegentlebarn ). These places are doing a great job in providing farm animals with a forever home and also help people to make the connection.


Give the gift of life at Christmas. Be the reason she gets to live.


This #Christmas you have the power to choose compassion over exploitation & death. When you hit the stores these days, think about this little one. This sweet baby should be loved instead of butchered


As a new year closes in, we reflect on how our actions made a positive impact on others. The vulnerable, innocent, & defenseless have no power & NEED US to act on their behalf. PLEASE end your part in their hell.


Planning to watch some movies with family this #Christmas? This is the best opportunity to learn more about why people #GoVegan. Recommendations: Dominion, Earthlings, Game Changers @gcmovie, Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy.


#Christmas is a period of peace and love. Ham, pigs in blankets are typical food for this time, please see and share the truth.  There is nothing peaceful and loving about it. #TryVeganToday #Christmascruelty


#Christmas is a time to also reflect. Animals are sentient and feel. They are capable of forming important social relationships as well as having an interest of avoiding fear, pain and care for their families. All sentient animals are the same. #TryVeganToday #ChristmasCruelty


#Christmas gifts should represent love, peace and compassion. Products made of feathers like jackets and bedding are full of this cruelty. They are left in shock, wounded and paralysed. Please buy cruelty free products. #tryvegan #Christmascruelty


TWEETSTORM! Help ALL animals by sharing the truth. Post these 24 prepared tweets in no time! Simply click the Tweet buttons on the page. (vid links included) See it as a charity action for #Christmas. Please help!


Make this time of year truly peaceful & joyful for ALL... end your support of violence on, and needless death of innocent animals. We've no biological need to eat animals. Choose peace on your plate not pieces.  #Christmas #ChristmasCruelty #TryVeganToday


Precious and free! Just how it should be. Please don't support the cruel dairy industry that: Enslaves and repeatedly rapes cows. Where male babies are seen as useless waste and killed. Give them the gift of life this #Christmas


There are simple changes in life that can have considerable positive effects in your life. Please take the pledge and see what is like to have a vegan lifestyle for the animals that suffer unimaginable everyday #TryVeganToday #ChristmasCruelty #Christmas


Switch to #Plantbased cream and mince pie, you will help save her life!! Find out the horrors of the #dairy industry:  #DairyIsScary - Find out how to change: Follow: @TryVeganToday see their FREE 14 day plan.


It might be a Happy #Christmas for you, but it certainly isnt for all of the male calves stolen from their mothers & brutally killed shortly after birth. Please consider swapping dairy for plantbased alternatives


Fish feel pain like other animals. Our oceans are devastated by pollution & overfishing. Please leave fish off your plates. #Christmas is about love and compassion. #tryvegantoday #Christmascruelty


Will you do your #Christmas shopping this weekend? Popular Xmas presents are luxury products. Please take a moment to consider what the animals that were used for those products went through. 


Are you planning to buy yourself or loved ones a beautiful / funny Xmas sweater? The wool industry keeps a lot hidden from us. Wool is as horrific as fur and leather @erinjanus . Please buy cruelty free! #TryVeganToday #GoVegan


Turkeys are very gentle animals. They love to get hugs and and attention. Try to see the soul in the animals and appreciate them for being unique. Don't abuse them.


What will your new years resolution be this year? Health, be a better person? Have you considered going vegan to help the animals? It will help both your health and the animals.


#Christmas is celebrated by many. We connect it to Family, Gifts, Good Will, Joy, Decor, Feasts, Peace. Let yours reflect peace by removing the courses that require killing innocent terrified beings. #TryVeganToday #ChristmasCruelty


Christmas is representive of good will: a disposition to kindness & compassion. So as you plan your Christmas list, please leave off anything that requires a sentient victim & celebrate with peace.


Christmas is around the corner, & the gifts we buy not only can have a huge impact on the receiver, but also animals depending on what was required in the making of the product. Please make a #Christmas cruelty free #TryVeganToday


What is your definition of a happy christmas? Does is involve torture? Does it involve death? Have you ever considered that when you enjoy christmas with your family, many others go through tremendous suffering?


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